Television Has Been The Single Greatest Shaper Of Emptiness


This title is a famous quote by the famous Christian apologetics writer Ravi Zacharias. The title makes it a statement on how television affects the human mind. It asserts that watching television actually makes us more empty and lonely. But the point remains, is television really all that negative or is there something that is not meeting the eyes. The discussion on this will continue but before that, we need to know how television affects us.

Television is one of the most popular gadgets in our daily lives. The coming of the age hi-tech devices may have stolen the thunder from the televised medium but it is still the reigning champion when it comes to bringing entertainment into the daily lives of the general populace. It gives us awareness, information, entertainment and many more. But to be very frank, you can find these on the internet. So it boils down to the fact that television is now purely the medium of multipurpose entertainment. You watch movies, daily soaps, reality shows and news on it. But does this actually help us? Yes and no. However, the weightage of no is far greater these days than yes. To answer the question we will need to state a lot of facts.

The impact of TV is big on the people. Its effect is more on the children than adults because they do not have smartphones. And to funnel their free time they watch TV shows. But this does not mean that adults remain unaffected. They are also prone to the illusions of the TV. The reason behind this is more Goosebumps giving than anything. The exaggeration that every TV show broadcasts seriously impacts our perception. We think of violence with more aggression and we feel that the glamour’s of others’ life is more fulfilling. Such delusions create various maladies in our mindset and set us on the path of a prolonged depression.

Whatever the case may be, the contribution of TV in our life is unputdownable. But it is also a proven fact that television is making us lonelier by the minute. How it does so? Here is the list of happenings

  • Firstly, watching a show without acknowledging the other person present is an addiction. This makes you socially resistant.
  • Secondly, you tend to compare your life with that on the fictitious TV shows. This creates delusion and you outcast the real society.
  • Thirdly, the conversation that makes the long journeys interesting is cut short with television. You just go for the destination and miss out on the journey scenes with eyes stuck on the screen.
  • Fourthly, you do not often talk to the real person anymore. You spend your spare time being a couch potato.
  • Fifthly, you can damage your eyes by sitting in front of the TV for longer periods.

And finally, you fail to check your emotions when you are alone in the television world. You forget how to react with real-life people when you emerge yourself all the time on television.

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