How technology attract people to buy an Android TV in India?


How technology attract people to buy an Android TV in India?

What is the first reaction when you see an Android TV which is a masterpiece of technology? It will definitely be appealing to you. The beauty of the screen and no buttons on the panel, newly designed and latest android technology are sure to take your breath away. They are superb in function but highly priced. But shelling out some more for a high-quality Android TV is ok.

Appreciating the advent of technology in the field of television is a welcome change. People are happy to see their TV on large screen sizes. For example, the 55-inch TV screen is a popular choice as it offers value for money with a lower cost per inch. Therefore, this screen will give the theatre experience at home.

Now watching your favorite content on the Android TV is on everyone’s bucket list. It is easy to spend time with family while watching unique content. Hence, everyone’s bucket list has numerous channels to select from like Netflix, Amazon, Alt Balaji.

 Futures of Android TV in India

  • The panel is designed with zero buttons. It has one on /off hidden button. So, it is state of the art with an excellent panel. It has vivid colours and high brightness. It has a narrow frame that doesn’t attract dust or get soiled by fingerprints. So, the great black matte finish is highly commendable.
  • It is thinner than its old counterparts. It is thin just like a smartphone. The technology has made a frameless design possible for an Android TV. So, it looks stunning. When switched off, even this thin outer frame of the screen, which is called bezel, disappears.
  • Android supports 15 Indian languages. It’s highly appreciable to have a customized approach for different people from different locations who understand different languages.
  • It has an uncomplicated remote with around 10 or 11 buttons. This Bluetooth remote is slim and there is no need for it to be pointed towards the TV. It operates on your touch only.
  • Its intelligent Android software enriches TV viewing. Uploading the app and watching your favourite season or movie is a touch away.
  • It has a good set of inbuilt speakers to give you the best surround sound quality. The sound quality is crisp and clear.
  • The picture quality is superb with rich colours and pixel size of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

There is tough competition from tech giant TV manufacturers all over the world. Android (OS) LED TV has consumers drooling over the technology. This will change the way a consumer watches a TV. It has emerged as a trend nowadays, but prices are a hindrance for making some brands successful in India.

A smart Android TV which falls in the economical range can be the future selling TV. It must have best-advanced technology. Its specifications should be according to the prices. So, innovation in this field will reduce the prices and it will make Android TV a common consumer electronics.

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